Porcelain sheets and wire  

"Medusa",  Porcelain coated High temp. wire.

"Fractal Sphere", Knitted high temp.wire, Porcelain

"Small Veils",  Knitted wire and porcelain

"Small Veils", (detail)   

"Narrow Veil",  Knitted wire and porcelain

"Narrow Veil" (detail)  

"Migration",  Porcelain, handmade Paper, Lightbox

Hands at work,  Making Fractal Veils

"Fractal Veils",  knitted high temp.wire & Porcelain

"Fractal Veils", side view  

"Fractal Veils", shadow detail.  

"Rosette on Square Ground",  High Temp. Wire & Porcelain.

"Rosette on Square Ground", detail  

"Florette", High Temp. Wire & Porcelain

"Floweret", detail.  

"Seed Pods I",  Seed Pods, Porcelain, Silk, Paper

"Seed pods II",  Porcelain, handmade Paper

"Himmelszelt", (Heaven's Tent),  plastic tubing, coloured water.


The Blue Of Distance,  Chiffon, Wadding, Ink

The Blue Of Distance,  detail

Wire Crochet on Paper  

Wire Crochet on Textile  

Wire Crochet on Textile  

Wire Crochet on Goldleaf & Textile  

Wire Crochet on Silk  

"Pine Shadow", Pine Needles, Ribbon, Frame.

"Pine Shadow", the Making. Collected Pine Needles

"Pine Shadow" setting up, a visitor  

"Pine Shadow", View up, detail.  

Childhood is a faraway place... Willow, twigs, dandelion seed heads

Childhood is a faraway place,  it is where I'm from

Childhood..., detail Dandelion seed heads.

Portal Pine needles, ribbon, inner frame.